Rumored Android Screenshots/Video

I don’t know if I’m late on the draw here, or just overlooked someone else’s post, but the good folks over at CyberNetNews have what appears to be a couple of limited-view screenshots of the Android OS. These look like an in-hands version of the pics included in the SDK. I think whatever apps/shell they are running have been designed to mimic or improve upon the iPhone OS. It seems like a touch screen (HTC maybe?) Blackberry/iPhone hybrid. Looks aiight to me, but then again I’m near blind from flash-bangs and smoke grenades. Just a day in the life of a General. Anywho, I say it’s too early to call it, even if these are legit. I’ll let you be the judge. And here is the rest of it.

And, the video. Again, Shouts to CyberNetNews for the link.

**** General Mills ****

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