Google Bidding on 700Mhz Alone

Scott here to let you know about a very interesting article on the WSJ today. It talks about Google’s plan for the cell industry and their intentions to buy their own spectrum. Alone!

…gearing up to make a serious run at buying wireless spectrum, a chunk of the airwaves that can be used to provide mobile phone and Internet services, in a Federal Communications Commission auction in January. Google is prepared to bid on its own without any partners, say people familiar with the matter.

Google, meanwhile, already is running a test version of an advanced wireless network at its Mountain View, Calif., headquarters, gaining operating experience that could come in handy if it wins the spectrum…

My first reaction to this is to say “OK, fine, let them.” Too much red tape, FCC regulation, and carrier restriction is keeping the US far behind Europe when it comes to customer satisfaction. As more companies are bought up, you and I are stuck with fewer options. If Google can around and shake things up a tad, let them. This is what I say about Android too. Even if the OHA doesn’t set the world on fire, at least they’ll light a fire under a few butts. In the end, the more competition out there, the more the end users win. Theoretically, if one company has my web, email, and software services, then wouldn’t be logical to have them tie it to their network? Imagine the GPS possibilities with advertising. You’re driving on the highway and you turn on ‘Restaurant Alert Mode’. Phone begins to flash coupons and promos, restaurant listings, driving directions, phone numbers, addresses, and business hours. You can already filter online what type of business you want, so it would make sense that you can check for ‘Mexican’ establishments in your vicinity without having to type in the actual zip code. It already knows.


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