Must Read: EETimes Details Android’s Potential

It sounds almost like someone has already been playing with a gPhone for a while now. Head over here to read up on what feels like the most in-depth details to come out yet about Android.

What exactly will the GPhone — that vaporous handset that’s the subject of furious speculation — actually look like? In the wake of Google’s release of its Android mobile-phone software development platform, there’s been lots of chatter, but little hard information. This article is intended to change that.

Google has publicly listed all the partners in its Android project, under the umbrella of the Open Handset Alliance. By intelligently examining what those companies are working on, we can come up with a fact-based projection of the GPhone’s probable feature set.

They go on to list 8 technologies we can expect from Android, including speech recognition and gliding touch screens. A lot of food for thought. Looks like we have plenty of podcast material to cover!


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