T-Mobile & HTC in the Lead?

What’s good?

As the ambassador of rumor and speculation here at team A.G., I feel that it’s my duty to relay the information that a little-birdie may have sang into my ears. These informants will remain nameless, and as anonymous as possible to protect their respective identities and careers.

The first bit of speculation is that T-Mobile, our beloved pink and grey cellular friends, are going to be the first wireless company to really champion the Android cause. As you may know, they have been at the forefront of market-changing devices like the Sidekick. They also tend to take more risks when it comes to new technology (as seen by their implementation of the UMA “@Home” service). Rumor has it that T-Mobile is gearing up to be the front-runner in the Android race, as early as Q2 ’08.

That brings me to my next point. Partners with T-Mobile in the Open Handset Alliance, HTC are rumored to be conjuring up one of the most powerful and feature rich devices to hit the market. What operating system will be driving this lush device, you might ask? None other than Google Android. As Mr. Hunter brought up in the first podcast, HTC is the premier company in Smart Phones. Couple that with what I feel to be a necessary power move on the part of T-Mobile (let’s not forget that they’re surely looking for retaliation to Apple/AT&T’s iPhone), and I think 2008 will shape up to be an amazing year for the launch of handsets and services.

As always, these are just my thoughts. I may be a General, but I’m no soothsayer. I’ve been wrong in the past. Holla!

**** General Mills ****


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