Interview with Andy Rubin

Head over to c|net today to see a very nice, detailed interview with the director of mobile platforms at Google. It asks and answers a lot of questions that have been on the minds of the AndroidGuys staff as well as the rest of the tech community. For example;

Will there be different versions of Android devices where there will be a commonality, or a basic level of compatibility, that they all must maintain for applications to run on them?
Rubin: It’s really important that we don’t create a fragmented environment, and one of the complaints I think developers have with open source is that there is really no way to guarantee compatibility.

In the SDK, there is a scripting engine that allows remote test scripts to be run on the emulator on a phone. Also, there is a secondary compatibility (test for) support for services.

It’s important for third-party developers to make sure that the applications run across different phones. There’s not going to be a hard certification requirement. That doesn’t make sense in an open environment. But we’ll provide the tools necessary to make sure that these applications can be made compatible, if that’s what the industry wants.

The platform itself has the ability to be targeted toward all sorts of different screen sizes and input mechanisms–touch devices, trackballs, five-way keypads, portrait displays, landscapes, big displays, small displays, QWERTY keyboards, non-QWERTY keyboards. When the developer writes an app, and that app is on portrait display, the platform also will run that same app on a landscape display.


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