What if someone came up a program that enabled users of the Android OS to change the way text and instant messages were sent and delivered based on proximity? For example, you’re in a club or bar and it is really just too loud to have a decent conversation or even share a few quick words. Both people have phones running Android so they automatically switch message modes from the standard network towers for sending and receiving. Now, messages are being sent back and forth between phones via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Maybe a program that you can turn on to search for available networks and switch you over instantly. The benefit is you can send and receive all you want, without using your text or data plan. T-Mobile already offers UMA or HotSpot@Home service. This is just a logical extension of that idea.

Here’s another one. We’ve seen news recently about advertising that can or will be broadcast via Bluetooth. How long until someone writes an application that pops up advertised specials on phones when you are out to eat? Maybe a special promo code that flashes up on your phone with a certain deal. Behind that, someone has a program that can take these promo codes and track the redemption rates and interest. Over time this will be beneficial twofold. First, companies can see how well their campaigns work. It’s like tracking web traffic in that it can help determine who is coming to a site and what is drawing them in. Secondly, with unique identifiers, the business can observe individual interest and buying habits. Does this customer always seem to order the appetizers we showcase? Does he ever respond to our drink specials? Businesses can learn about who to market and how to market based on modeling their own clientele. If you’ve ever run a website and paid attention to your visitors’ patterns, you’ll understand the value in this. Simply putting a poll on your site helps get a feel for what they want to see more of. Looking at what unique pages are getting the most hits tells you what to do more of and more importantly, what to spend less time on.

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