Eve of SDK Release

Tomorrow the SDK gets released. Anyone out there already have a specific program in mind that they will be working on? Here at Android Guys, we’d like to extend an opportunity for developers to share their progress and ideas. We are proud to announce partnerships with two developer forums so far. It is our shared opinion that Android and OHA will be instrumental in the way people stay in touch and get their information. Even better than that, there will be new innovative kinds of information available at your fingertips.

The first two partners we have are ohadev.net and ohadev.org. Both sites are forums available to developers to discuss anything and everything OHA and Android related. Whereas we do not have, nor plan to have, a forum of our own, we will be more than happy to plug sites. After all, this web 2.0 and open source stuff really is about community, right?

If you are working on a project or application and want to give people a taste of your progress and ideas, then we are here to help. We’d love to provide a platform for the little guy to get his stuff out just as much as the software giants.


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