Open Source, Closed Doors

If you keep up at all with IT security to find out whose holes are being exposed and exploited between Microsoft, Apple, and Linux platforms, you are already aware that the most prominent name is Microsoft. There have been 7 updates to Apple’s QuickTime software this year. Where this is an unusually large number of updates from Apple on one product, they are to be applauded for their concern. Seven bandages in one year to fix seven vulnerabilities. Why no alarms signaling the end of the world? The truth is nobody was exploiting their flaws. Why? Because nobody hates Apple and their long line of security flaws like they do for Microsoft. On the other hand, how often do we hear about a new patch needed for your Windows device?

Are the options and risks there for exploiting vulnerabilities in these multiple handset platforms? In a word, yes. Firefox has had its share of security holes, but it’s still the top rated browser. Think now about mobile OS companies. Which phone platform do you think is being attacked the most? Symbian, Apple, Microsoft, Palm, or open source? I’ll answer that with another question. Who stands to lose out when internet and web browsing becomes more secure? Security giant Symantec offers more protection for Microsoft than any other company. The IT industry will tell you that although not the best, they write the most stories about security and are the most prolific. The Android open source project will enable multiple developers to make the best of the best from ground up.

It may not produce the most popular of phones, but it will produce the most secure and reliable phones. In a world where more people are gravitating to web based handsets, that is concern number one. Google’s Android will open sources of opportunity and growth in the mobile community and close the reliance of sub-par, force-fed, higher priced software giants.


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  1. seems like are doing similar things

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