About Us

The idea behind AndroidGuys came about on November 5th, 2007. This was the day when Google made their long anticipated announcements regarding the Open Handset Alliance and Android. Immediately after these press releases, we began to scour the web for anything and everything associated to these two subjects. While there are many excellent sites offering tech reviews and previews, there was not one standout site where one could visit and get dedicated Android news. Finding one or two articles on each of our favorite gadget sites, we realized early on that we were going to have to create the site ourselves. Starting out as a community blog, we quickly evolved into your first and last stop for Android news.

We are five guys who have a love for smart phones, gadgets, and technology in general. Although we respect and admire practically all things Google, we are not unapologetic supporters. In fact, we encourage our readers to share their opinions and give us insight into the very products and services we talk about. We share the latest news, rumors, and opinions between ourselves and invite the tech community to take part. AndroidGuys does not aim to ‘break’ news, but rather compile what we find on other sites, always giving credit to where we happen upon it. Our long term goal is to review the hardware and software ourselves when it becomes available. If you have a tip or something you’d like to share, by all means, tell us about it.

Thanks for your interest in AndroidGuys!


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