Symbian Delivers Shot Across Google’s Bow

by Jamie Hunter

You’ve got to love competition. Not only does it insure that we as consumers have more products and services to choose from, but it also makes for some entertaining dialogue between the competing parties.

John Forsythe, the president of strategy at Symbian had the following to say about Googles Android platform. Google’s dominance of the web will not translate to the mobile phone market.” His basic reasoning is that because this has been tried before with little success, this attempt by Google is also doomed to fail. Simple logic indeed, but me doth think the gentleman protest too much. He won’t come out and say it directly but I’m sure he is just a little bit weary of the juggernaut that is Google, and their track record when it comes to introducing new products to the market. How successful will Android be? We will have to wait and see, but with Google backing it I’d say it has a better than average shot of becoming a player in the mobile phone platform. You can read the full article here on BBC NEWS:


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