First Android Application Info Already Leaked?

Let’s think about a scenario for a moment. You are in a big city on a business trip. Your conference just ended and you are starving. You have no idea where you want to go to get something to eat. You don’t even know what there is to eat near your hotel. How do you find what restaurants or bars are open? You could go up and down the street looking for something that jumps out at you. You could also ask the concierge at the hotel. But what happens when he is told by the manager to recommend the Italian place around the corner because his manager has a deal worked out with them?

Up until around 2-3 years ago, that was your only option. Fast forward to today. Now, you get out your laptop, pull up Google Maps and do a search for something to eat in Louisville, Kentucky. Once you have that list of restaurants, addresses, and phone numbers, you are set. Right? Well, what happens if you drove a few miles only to find out that they were already closed?

Here’s the new alternative. How about you get out your Android based phone and run WhatsOpen next time? A series of screenshots making their way around the internet today has many speculating that this is the first application designed to be written/ported for the Android platform. Judging by the pictures, one may never have to say “I wonder what’s still open in this town.” Simple. Almost laughable, isn’t it?

Screenshots of first Googlephone app [Valley Wag]


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